Broadline spot-on solution for cats between 2.5 and 7.5 kg 3 pipettes


HOW TO APPLY BROADLINE: Easy and stress free application, with a high value device the brings veterinary expertise to home users.

1.Use a pair of scissors to cut the blister along the dotted line. Then pull the lid away. Remove the applicator from the packaging and hold it upright.

2.To apply BROADLINE pull back the plunger.

3.Remove the cap.

4.Part the fur in the middle of the neck between the base of the skull and shoulder blades.

5.Place the tip of the applicator on the skin and apply the contents directly on the skin in one spot.


One application of BROADLINE kills both ticks and fleas, including immature flea stages, and prevents ticks infestation for up to 3 weeks and flea infestation for 1 month. A single application treats major parasitic worms in cats, including zoonotic tapeworms and harmful non-diagnosable migrating larval nematodes. For more dosage information, please read the product leaflet information.

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