In-House Blood Profiling

Fast, accurate veterinary care without waiting for results from other locations. Our In-house laboratory facilitates a series of tests that allow you to obtain results quickly to bring resolve to any concerns you have in relation to your pet’s health.

In-house Laboratory Testing Our in-house testing laboratory is equipped with a series of tests to accommodate your pet’s most pressing medical concerns:

  • CBC (Complete Blood Counts)
  • Blood chemistry panels to evaluate internal organ function
  • Urinalysis Fecal exam and testing for intestinal parasites
  • Parvovirus testing Heartworm detection
  • Electrolyte evaluation
  • Cytology of skin and ear samples
  • Feline Leukemia and Feline Immunodeficiency
  • Virus testing

Diagnostics (X-ray, Ultrasound, In-house Blood Test)

We are also able to use radiography to do special procedures. One special procedure that we use regularly is the barium series. Barium is a radiopaque (shows up solid on radiographs)liquid that is quite visible when viewed on an X-ray. Veterinary patients commonly ingest foreign objects, such as toys, bones, etc. These can occasionally cause an intestinal obstruction and can become life-threatening. We use the barium series to help us by watching the barium move through the pet’s intestinal tract. If there is an obstruction, the barium becomes trapped and we can locate the problem. Another special procedure allows us to watch a special liquid travel through the bladder and urinary tract. We can evaluate the system for any abnormalities.

We can also refer patients to a veterinary radiologist for more advanced diagnostics, such as Ultrasound, MRI, and CT scans. These less common procedures are occasionally needed for a diagnosis in some types of medical conditions.

Internal Medicine

Internists, or specialists in internal medicine, diagnose and treat serious and chronic health problems in dogs and cats that are referred to us. We specialize in endocrinology, gastroenterology, infectious disease, nutrition and urology. Our Internal Medicine clinical team is skilled in a range of endoscopic techniques.

We specialize in anything that has to do with vital organs: endocrinology, hematology, gastroenterology, nutrition, nephrology, urology, immune-mediated diseases, and infectious diseases. But most important? We deeply believe in compassionate care, and your animal will receive the best treatment available anywhere.

Orthopedics Surgery

Fracture Management:

  • External skeletal fixation
  • Application of AO/ ASIF, SOP plates
  • Complicated healing: malunion/ nounions/ corrective osteotomies
  • Angular deformities
  • Intramedullary

Joint Surgery:

  • Diagnostic and therapeutic arthroscopy & arthrotomies
  • Arthrodesis
  • Elbow? hip dysplasia
  • Cruciate ligament surgery
  • Extracapsular stabilisation, tibial tuberosity advancement (TTA), cranial closing
  • Wedge ostectomy (CCWO), tibial plateau leveling osteotomy (TPLO)
  • Luxations/ sprains/ shear injuries


Animal owners are increasingly keen to ensure that examinations, treatment and – if necessary – surgery for the animal patient is performed as traumatically as possible. Every improvement in diagnostic and surgical techniques made possible by endoscopy methods – particularly those that minimize trauma – represents progress for the welfare of both animals and owners.

With this knowledge and
in collaboration with veterinarians at universities and at veterinary clinics and practices, the company has developed endoscopy systems for all areas of veterinary medicine.


If you have heart problem, you might need to see a cardiologist. Its the same in the animal world. If your pets has a heart issue, your local vet may refer you to us. Our pet cardiologists know all about your pet’s circulatory system: the heart muscle, valves and blood vessels. they also know what to do when things wrong

Condition we treat:

  • Enlarged heart
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Congenital heart defects
  • High blood pressure
  • Irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia)
  • Feline blood clot disorder


We recommend regular dental health checks for all our patients. Remember bad breath is not normal and probably means that there is tartar, gingivitis and infection present, usually causing pain and discomfort to your animal. We have equipment not only for scaling and polishing teeth but also for radiography extraction and other forms of oral and dental surgery.  

As with any other surgery or painful procedure undertaken at our hospital, pain relief is given as standard. We can also give you a lot of home dental care advice to keep your dog or cat’s teeth in the best possible condition.


Pets need healthy eyes just like humans. And just like with humans, there are ophthalmologists who are specially trained to diagnose and treat eye problems.

Klinik Haiwan Healing Pets Sdn Bhd treat eye conditions like corneal ulcers, glaucoma and cataracts, as well as eye injuries. Our team use surgical and non-invasive techniques to help your pet retain or restore their vision.

Sometimes it’s difficult to realize that our pets are in pain or that they have blurry vision. However, once their eye illness has been addressed and they’re no longer in discomfort, their return to “puppy-like” behavior can be noticeable. 

Critical Care

Klinik Haiwan Healing Pets Sdn Bhd was designed by vets and pet lovers to provide simple, affordable and optimal health care for your pet. The programme gives you the reassurance of providing the best possible care in a convenient and cost effective way.

Simple – Caring for your pet can sometimes be overwhelming. Klinik Haiwan Healing Pets Sdn Bhd Wellness membership includes all the preventative health care services that we believe to be essential for maintaining your pets health and wellbeing.

Optimal Healthcare – Similar to humans, early detection in pets can be key in preventing diseases, reducing and sometimes even avoiding costly medical bills. The veterinary care that is included in your Klinik Haiwan Healing Pets Sdn Bhd membership allows your vet team to give your pet the best in preventative health care, which can lead to a longer and happier life for your pet.


Acupuncture is a system of healing which has been practised by the Chinese and other Eastern cultures for thousands of years. It has evolved from the ancient art of placing needles into special locations on the body, to alleviate pain and increase the recovery rate. There is now a strong body of evidence and practice to support the role of pet acupuncture in the treatment of animals.

There are two types of pet acupuncture therapists. The traditional Chinese therapists use a combination of herbal medicines and acupuncture needling along meridians or energy channels and acupuncture points. The Western Scientific approach uses fewer needles inserted directly into acupuncture and trigger points. Points selected for needling may be distant from the source of pain. This helps animals to accept the treatment. Both approaches consider the overall well-being of the pet. Western veterinary acupuncture is used particularly in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders and chronic painful conditions as well as the promotion of skin healing. The Eastern approach is often applied to other disease states too.

Laser Therapy

At its simplest, laser therapy is the application of light to living organisms to improve health. However, great detail exists behind this simple idea. The wavelength and power of the laser, the location and duration of exposure, the number of treatments, and many other variables are crucial to the effects achieved.

Generally, low-level lasers use wavelengths between 600 and 1,000 nm and power levels from 5 to 500 mW. More powerful lasers (at longer wavelengths circa 10,000 nm, i.e. COlasers) are used in surgery, but these function primarily to cut or cauterize tissue or otherwise cause controlled damage. Low-level lasers are intended to have biological effects on tissue without causing damage.


The physiotherapy methods used will vary according to each individual patient, as well as the condition being treated. With the help of various modern technologies, up to standard equipment, state of the art facilities, and hands-on skills of the therapists, we can provide your pet with the best possible path to recovery.

Orthopaedic conditions:

Post-operative rehabilitation: e.g. joint surgery such as hip, stifle, elbow, etc., amputation, ligament/tendon repair.

House Call

A unique veterinary service – we make house-calls. Prior appointment is made between the pet owner and the Vet to provide Veterinary services in the confines of your home, making it less stressful for your pets 


Our pet hospital contains modern veterinary medical equipment and technology, as well as highly experienced staff members trained to deal with any medical needs. This allows our pet hospital to offer many specialized treatment options including:

  • 24 hour care and monitoring 
  • Oxygen therapy
  • Pulse-Oximetry,  and blood pressure 
  • Continuous rate infusion for IV fluids and meds
  • Advanced pain management
  • Nutritional support

At Klinik Haiwan Healing Pets Sdn Bhd, we are able to perform a wide variety of surgical procedures including orthopedic, cancer and emergency surgeries. Many of these patients will require intensive care post operatively. 


In order to ensure that your pet remains healthy during boarding, only pets that are dewormed, on monthly ectoparasitic remedies and udpated vaccination records will be allowed into our facility. The pets boarded here have meals and exercises twice daily.

Please note that the online appointment is only a tentative booking. Firstly you will need a confirmation reply form us for the booking made online.

Secondly, the complimentary clinical check in prior to boarding will determine if your pet meets the requirements for boarding.

Exotic / Small Animal

We know that pets come in all shapes and sizes, so we are happy to treat exotics pets. In addition to cats and dogs, we also treat animals like birds, reptiles, and pocket pets like hamsters and guinea pigs.

Our team is ready to treat when it comes to caring for exotic pets, so you can rest assured that your pet is in good hands.


Grooming Services are important in maintaining a healthy code and skins. Our groomer as part as our hospital physiotherapy will provide functional & basic grooming services to meet your pet’s healthy needs.